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About us

Our company provides complex administrative care for individual residents and entreprises operating in France. Our team consists of social law and insurance experts, and highly experienced administration assistants. We help you to get through complicated procedures in order to "make life easier".

Our offer

Providing financial advisory solutions

Customer feedback

Władysław J.

“Very well organized and proffesional service. My family has been moved to France without complications and with a minimum of formalities. Practically everything has been done on our behalf, I only signed tons of papers. Nice people, full recommendation.“

Anna G.

“Vie Simple and Mrs Kasia Rubel provided great help to my husband, who is non EU citizen, and suffered a lot of problems with obtaining carte vitale.“

Tomasz L.

“If you just started to learn French you will never go through all their bureaucracy without an assistance. I chose Vie Simple and it was a good choice. Regards!“

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