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Help in difficult situations

Our clients are also people who find themselves in a difficult life situation. The French social system takes great care of all who stay in this country permanently and offers many kinds of help in getting out of trouble.

Also, non-EU residents staying in France without a legal work and residence permit (carte sejour) can apply for a special form of health insurance.



Osobom bezrobotnym pomagamy w rejestracji w Pole Emploi, oraz w uzyskaniu wszelkich dostępnych świadczeń umożliwiających ponowne stanięcie na własnych nogach. Warto wiedzieć, że osoba, która traci pracę i spełnia warunki do otrzymania ekwiwalentu za utraconą pracę może to wsparcie odebrać na kilka sposobów. Dla tych, którzy tych warunków nie spełniają również można uzyskać wsparcie finansowe, a także dostęp do różnorodnych szkoleń podnoszących kwalifikacje, bądź ułatwiających otwarcie własnej działalności gospodarczej. Osobom bezrobotnym także przysługują dopłaty do mieszkania.

Family benefits and support for single parents:

We help large families and single parents to get various forms of help. Every situation is different and knowing your rights you can get help in a wide range. Single parents can also count on help in enforcing the alimony through CAF.

Disabled people:

Disabled people have many rights depending on their life situation, circumstances of disability, and the possibility of professional reactivation.

  • care services,

  • housing subsidies,

  • covering the costs of improvements enabling a dignified life,

  • compensation and disability pension resulting from an occupational disease,

  • compensation and disability pension resulting from accidents at work

  • training for professional reactivation

Customer feedback

Wladyslaw J.

“Very well organized and proffesional service. My family has been moved to France without complications and with a minimum of formalities. Practically everything has been done on our behalf, I only signed tons of papers. Nice people, full recommendation.“

Anna G

“Vie Simple and Mrs Kasia Rubel provided great help to my husband, who is non EU citizen, and suffered a lot of problems with obtaining carte vitale.“

Thomas L

“If you just started to learn French you will never go through all their bureaucracy without an assistance. I chose Vie Simple and it was a good choice. Regards!“

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