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People who end their professional activity due to their age depending on their individual situation are covered by both a pension system and various social support. We offer assistance in obtaining entitlement to full benefits to people who have worked in their careers in various EU countries.​​

Customer feedback

Wladyslaw J.

“Very well organized and proffesional service. My family has been moved to France without complications and with a minimum of formalities. Practically everything has been done on our behalf, I only signed tons of papers. Nice people, full recommendation.“

Anna G

“Vie Simple and Mrs Kasia Rubel provided great help to my husband, who is non EU citizen, and suffered a lot of problems with obtaining carte vitale.“

Thomas L

“If you just started to learn French you will never go through all their bureaucracy without an assistance. I chose Vie Simple and it was a good choice. Regards!“

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