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Individual offer

Consulting & assistance

Considered to be the best in the world French social  system -  Sécurité sociale offers to every permanently residing person many amenities, support in a difficult life situations, acces to high quality medical services and many opportunities of proffesional development.


Unfortunately the bureaucracy of social institutions in France appears to be an insurmountable barrier and many people remain unaware of their rights or can not enforce them. A frequent problem is also a lot of clutter in the offices, dying correspondence and as a result prolongation of even the simplest cases.


Why us ?


Thanks to many years of experience, we simplify the daily life of expats in France. We are specialized in social, tax and administrative matters. Our team has mastered the intricate procedures of the French administration, thanks to which we can offer our clients' accelleration of their cases and significant increase of the efficiency, ensuring that our clients can fully enjoy their rights.


Our consultants and experts on legal and administrative procedures communicate fluent in French, Polish and English.

Where do we work ?


We meet with the clients personally in the Paris area, and we deal with matters online and by phone in whole France. 


How much does it cost ?


A large part of our offer is qualified as a service à la persone which gives our clients the right to tax deductions. We set rates with each customer individually, adjusting them to his situation.


Among others our offer includes :

  • consulting of social rights and administrative procedures

  • preparing correspondence for french administration, banks, insurance companies and organisations (CAF, Pôle emploi), 

  • advice and assistance in accessing health and pension insurances,

  • assistance in applying for benefits from a social security agency,

  • formalities regarding the application for social accommodation and DALO

  • tax settlements

  • applying for French citizenship

Persons moving to France and already settled who are employed on permanent contracts:

  • opening contracts for of electricity and gas supplies,

  • compulsory insurance: home insurance, civil liability and school insurance,

  • opening a telephone and internet lines,

  • opening a bank account,

  • registration of children at school and assistance in obtaining a scholarship,

  • information and applications for social security benefits: co-financing of housing, children's subsidies, wage subsidies, and removals (CAF),

  • health insurance and supplementary health insurance,

  • tax settlements,

  • dossier preparation for the application for renting an apartment

  • assistance in contact with specialized real estate agencies (including assistance in completing and developing special documents adapted to French requirements).

Frontier employees, people living in France and
employed eg in Switzerland or Belgium:

  • assistance in choosing insurance (French or in the country of employment),

  • insurance and transfer of benefits,

  • tax settlements,

  • formal help after losing a job and getting rights to the benefits,

Employees CESU :

Not everyone knows that there are adequate regulations in French labor law regarding employment by private individuals (domestic help, care for children and the elderly, etc.). This type of service provision takes place legally through a CESU contract, which gives specific rights and obligations for the employee and the employer.

  • assistance in preparing the contract or its substantive verification

  • assistance in the enforcement of holiday rights, maternity leave, sick leave

  • advise in case of abuse by the employer and after losing a job

Entrepreneurs :

France offers a lot of solutions to start your own business. We help in the most cost-effective and socially safe legal form.


  • consultations and assistance in setting up a business,

  • completing all formalities related to registration in relevant offices and organizations,

  • registration in the social insurance system,

  • selection of optimal health insurance (basic, additional, retirement).


If you are a freelancer, you can choose from several forms of registration of legal employment with access to insurance and social benefits system. We can offer:


  • choosing the optimal legal form and its registration

  • insurance consultations

  • consultations in the field of support for employment

  • tax settlements


Coming to France to study, it is worth knowing that the social system also offers specific forms of help. Also in this case, complicated bureaucracy can not be avoided thus in our offer for students, in addition to the services mentioned above, there are: 

  • help in obtaining financial help for people living and studying in France,

  • registration in the insurance system,

  • housing allowance,

  • social scholarships.

Customer feedback

Wladyslaw J.

“Very well organized and proffesional service. My family has been moved to France without complications and with a minimum of formalities. Practically everything has been done on our behalf, I only signed tons of papers. Nice people, full recommendation.“

Anna G

“Vie Simple and Mrs Kasia Rubel provided great help to my husband, who is non EU citizen, and suffered a lot of problems with obtaining carte vitale.“

Thomas L

“If you just started to learn French you will never go through all their bureaucracy without an assistance. I chose Vie Simple and it was a good choice. Regards!“

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